Now ALL your trials can be Patient-Centric!

The patient engagement solution researchers have been waiting for

All your patients’ study information, documents, results, messages, reminders - securely in one place!

Patients are active users of internet and mobile technology, and want electronic access to study information - including documents, newsletters, multimedia and results - to share with family and other medical professionals.

In a growing world of point solutions for patient engagement, you need a platform that brings it all together for sites and patients - without adding a large line item to your trial budget.

Introducing TrialPlace. Now ALL your trials can be patient centric.

The Powerful Features of TrialPlace

Document Exchange

TrialPlace allows sites to easily distribute documents to their patients - securely and in compliance with best privacy practices.

Sponsors can distribute documents to study participants based on their patient ID - without compromising their anonymity - making possible direct distribution of lab results, lay summaries and blue button data*.

SMS Communications

Sites can send FREE SMS
messages to participants on an
individual or bulk basis -
including automated
visit reminders.
Sponsors can centrally
message patients* by

*Subject to ethics/IRB approval

study ID. It’s great for short notices and reminders, but also for urgent safety notifications, EDC triggered alerts and loss-to-follow up communications.

Reimbursement - COMING SOON!

Sites can distribute payments to patients in over 97 countries from a sponsor funded central pool - which means faster payment to patients, better accounting & financial transparency, and no cashflow problems for sites. TrialPlace allows patients to choose between direct deposit, check, PayPal and reloadable gift cards.

3rd Party API Integration

TrialPlace allows 3rd party systems to push documents, messages, visit dates and payments through the TrialPlace API - which means that patients get “single point of contact” experience even when your study requires 3rd party technologies such as eConsent, SMS conversations or ePRO.

Multilingual Support!

Available for patients in English, Spanish (US), French, German, Chinese, Dutch and Russian - with more languages to come on request.